A modern approach in the use of mask in Ancient Greek Tragedy

Workshop on the Ancient Greek Tragedy based on Agamemnon by Aeschylus
The workshop has as main purpose to explore the uses of the mask in the Ancient Greek Tragedy under a modern approach of the term ‘’mask’’. A mask can be anything we use to cover our face. It can be a paper bag or a plastic bag or a traditional clay mask or a TV screen or a painting and whatever one can imagine as a mask. Under that prospective we explore how the actor embodies the mask and uses it as a tool of expression; how the body of the actor interpret that ‘’new face’’ and creates a ‘’new body’’ and a ‘’new language’’. The workshop helps the students to understand the enormous potentials and varieties of the mask. Creating a mask is a mystic procedure that connects the actor/creator with her/his mask. The actor uses her/his own imagination to inhale life to his/her role by giving it literal a ‘’Face’’.
The workshop has been presented at LaGuardia Community College in Spring of 2017. 

Spring 2017

LaGuardia Community College