Acting and Being

A creativity workshop with Jean-Claude van Itallie

Eclipses Group Theater NY in collaboration with Shantigar Foundation and Jean-Claude van Itallie presented an introductory workshop with master teacher playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie. Jean-Claude offers unique body/mind exercises in meditation, performance, listening, writing, and movement. This work cultivates a focused awareness of the world as it is, and gently encourages a more spontaneously expressive deeper creative self in all domains. Mainly for performing artists and writers wanting to explore and expand.
"Jean-Claude is the only playwriting teacher I ever had" 
                                                              Tony Kushner
Jean-Claude van Itallie has taught play writing and performance as well as WRITING ON YOUR FEET workshops at Princeton, NYU, Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Columbia, Middlebury, U of Colorado, Naropa, Esalen, Omega, NY Open Center, Shantigar, and many other places.
The workshop took place in Autumn of 2016 at La MaMa - Rehearsal Studios.

Autumn 2016

La MaMa - Rehearsal Studios