The Greek Play Project New York 2021

June 25-June 27

Eclipses Group Theater New York (EGTNY) & Greek Play Project present
The Greek Play Project New York (2021)
A production of EGTNY and Greek Play Project
Under the Auspices of
The National Theater of Greece
The Greek Consulate in New York,
The A.S. Onassis Program in Hellenic Studies at NYU
The Greek Critics Association

The Greek Play Project NY is an important platform that promotes Greek Theater in the United States and introduces the work of contemporary Greek playwrights to a broader American audience since 2018.  Modern Greek dramaturgy has a powerful voice that needs to be heard outside the borders of our country and we strongly believe that Greek Play Project New York contributes to this effort.

This year our program includes a series of readings of contemporary Greek plays by women playwrights (Women’s voice in Greek Theater), live and recorded Greek plays, and a series of lectures about the Greek theater. All the plays and lectures will be presented in english or with english subtitles.

The production is a collaboration of Eclipses Group Theater New York and The Greek Play Project, an important platform, cataloguing modern Greek plays and promoting Greek playwrights, ( founded by Dr. Irene Mountraki, dramaturg, Head of the International Relations Department of the National Theater of Greece. 

Production team of Greek Play Project NY: Irene Moundraki, Ioanna Katsarou, Maria Karananou, Demetri Bonaros, Aggeliki Poulou, Alexandra Skendrou.

Live performance - June 25-27, 2021


In Chorus by Dimitris Dimitriadis, directed by Ioanna Katsarou, original music by Kamala Sankaram.

World premiere in New York
June 25 & 27 at Astoria Park, June 26 at 31st avenue & 34th street, as part of NYC open streets.

For reservations: or call 718-581-6285.

Virtual events available online
on June 26 & 27, 2021

The links for the online events will be available on Friday June 25 and only for the weekend June 26 & 27.

Readings - Women’s voice in Greek Theater

Helen or Soula by Despina Kalaitzidou - A woman’s monologue performed by Amanda Baxter. (READING-ONLINE)

Soula, a hairdresser from Kokkinoplos, a village on Mount Olympus. An alter ego of Beautiful Helen, a fantasy, or a woman who lived a different life. It doesn’t matter. These two women, in "parallel lives", show not only their faces, but also the faces of Greece itself.

The play has been awarded by the Greek Play Project in 2015.

Despina Kalaitzidou is a playwright, director and teacher. In recent years she has been dealing with the therapeutic aspects of theater and creative writing.

Digital performance Ensemble

Medea Redux written and directed by Helen E. Richardson. Production by Walk On Air.

Walk on Air PRESENTS a preview of Medea Redux, a conversation with Euripides' Medea - investigating the political, cultural and social context of Medea's decision to destroy the House of Jason. Written and Directed by Helen E. Richardson, the play was originally workshopped at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Medea Redux has metamorphosed into a digital music/theatre video production with the formation of Walk on Air, an ensemble focused on the convergence of digital and live performance. Walk on Air and other performers appearing in Medea Redux are associated with Brooklyn College and the Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA, This project is made possible through a grant from Brooklyn College's Bernard H. Stern Professorship in Humor.

Walk on Air: Deborah Latz, jazz vocalist, composer, actor and teacher,, NYC. Andy Mason, composer, musician, audio engineer, actor and singer,, SC. Inkyoung Bae, video art, interactive performance, and illustration artist,, Seoul and NYC. Adrian D. Cameron, theatre, performance, and media artist,, NYC. Helen E. Richardson, theatre director, playwright, visual artist, and former director of the Performance and Interactive Media Arts, Brooklyn College, /team-3/helen-e.-richardson, (NYC).

Online Greek performances filmed live on stage (with english subtitles)

Deep red sky by Loula Anagnostaki, directed by Manos Karatzogiannis and performed by Nena Menti. (Online Performance)

Meet Sofia Apostolou; born in an urban family, once a French teacher working in the public sector. Sofia has studied philology and is a speaker of English and Russian. She is the widow of a handsome communist and was fired from her job as a result of her alcohol addiction. She lives across the Korydallos Prison Complex, where her somewhat ugly and “slow” son is now imprisoned. This is a monologue filled with the powerful thoughts of a strong woman about life, hope and dreams that were shattered along with her principles and ideologies. It is a monologue of a mother who saw her child and herself getting involved with suspicious transactions that involved the illegal trafficking of women coming from former communist countries.

Loula Anagnostaki is considered one of the most renown female playwrights in Greece. Her plays were performed in major theaters of Greece such as The National theater and the Art Theater Karolos Koun.  Her plays have also been performed by theatre companies in Athens and municipal regional theatres, and produced abroad (France, Italy, England, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, USA).

Short movie

Constellations in Exile by Giannis Panagopoulos

A phone call: “Hello, what’s going on?” A short film inspired by the communication with the salespeople of Shedia street magazine and by the search for a new space dedicated to companionship and coming together. When galaxies merge, cosmic phenomena force stars, planets, and black holes to move to other areas. Beyond their galaxy. So, some stars are exiled. As of Saturday, November 7, due to the second lockdown that was imposed, the people working for the street magazine “Shedia” withdrew from the streets and found themselves cut off. For some, such a condition is “self-isolation.” For others, exclusion. A phone call. A voice on the other end. And the space is now redefined. A simple “Hello”, a “What’s going on?” The unknown often frightens people. It makes them feel lost. Alone and insecure. Still others find their curiosity is piqued, making them feel like part of something bigger than themselves. Someday there will be other worlds, filled with other beings, made of the same material as us, to be born from the ashes of a dead star. We are all stardust and one day we will return to the stars. We need more Space!

Yiannis Panagopoulos. Born and raised in Athens, graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business, the Drama School of the National Theater and the MA; "Theatre and Society: Theory, Staging and Didactics" of the University of Peloponnese (Faculty of Fine Arts). Since 2009, he has been working as an actor and director. He was also the artistic curator of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2011 Special Olympics and the deputy artistic director for the city of Mesolongi’s bid for Cultural Capital of Europe 2021. Alongside his performing path, he has been a part of several projects that worked towards a greater social solidarity.

Lectures about Modern Greek Theater

Dimitris Bampilis

Is it all dramaturgy?
By Dimitri Bampili, Angeliki Poulou and Ioanna Valsamidou 

Dimitris Bampilis is a stage director working exclusively in the realm of the “real”. Combining documentary theater with performance, he places a dramaturgy of violence at the heart of his theater practice, highlighting his performers’ uncertainties, weaknesses and shortcomings, with the aim of creating theater that demands a politics of the gaze, dialog and debate in the public sphere. He studied Theater Studies at the University of Patras, and Theater Direction at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has collaborated with Documenta 14, the National Theater of Greece, the National Theater of Northern Greece, Eleusis 2021 – European Capital of CULTURE, the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, the Patras Municipal and Regional Theater, Semio Theater, and a series of theater companies – Noiti Grammi, ODC ensemble, Per-Theater-Formance, and the BelleVille Collective – on a series of performances in various roles, thereby putting his opposition to all hierarchical divisions of labor into practice. Select collaborations with such artists as Vasilis Papavasileiou, Włodzimierz Staniewski, La Pocha Nostra, Marina Abramović, and Rimini Protokoll have to date helped shape his perspective on theater.He is a co-founder of APARÄMILLON, a new space in ATHENS dedicated to the performing arts and research.